Sunday, February 24, 2008

sick house

Our family has had so much sickness that it prompted me to do this...
I now have medicine syringes with everyones initials. Now, maybe organized people already have this. Not me! It took having to give everyone something at once to so this.

This home needs to heal! All the kids have had something, but not everyone has had the same thing.
Jack has missed a whole week of school because of high fevers-aches, and a pesky cough and sinus gunk, the dr. said it sounds like the true flu. (I have a whole post I need to dedicate to the boy)
Savanna missed 2 days, because of the same, but seems to be better except that dang cough.
Luke was sick with something intestinal last weekend, but has escaped the fever. Now we are still dealing with his chronic allergies and congestion-just did a medicine change to see if we can get that under control. But on a very good note.. for once his ears are clear!!
And Tuck, poor sweet thing, he started in with the fever yesterday. and all he wants to do is be held, and then sleep. But the sleep will only come if he is being held.
I took this with him this morning...he loves this bear. (thank you grandma, for giving me something to love)


Kim said...

we missed you today!... Luke helped with aubrey she did so good because she had him!

Meghan said...

This past week I have had a cough and my mother-in-law said that she just heard from one of my father-in-laws siblings that for a cough you should rub vicks on your feet and put some socks on before you go to bed. I don't know if it works becuase my cough is gone, but they swear by it. Try it and tell me how it went.

Kim Sue said...

doesn't sound much fun around your house - yuck!

but yum to those chocolate chip brownies. I need to take some treats to a couple of friends. They sound perfect.

April said...

I hope you start feeling better!

Jenn said...

Now illness is one area that tries my ability to "love deeply"! :) But I only have 2 (well, 3 if you count Hubs - which I could totally do when he is sick!). Can't imagine 4 of them. My prayers to you and your home, sweet mommy!