Saturday, February 16, 2008

waste of a good avocado

I have been craving avocados lately. With a little salt and pepper, mmmmm.
I had just cut one up, salted and peppered it, and added it to my turkey sandwich.
Just perfect.
1st bite. Yum
2nd bite. mmm even better.
3rd bite, oh I love this avocado.
4th- I don't remember what thought went through my mind, because at that moment, there was a scream from Jack saying

"AHHH- Luke really is sick!"

He was getting sick on the fabric re-cliner. He had kind of moaned and complained about his stomach hurting...but with him you just don't know. We did not pay any attention to it.

After cleaning and cleaning, my perfect sandwich, just did not sound so perfect anymore.


Rebecca said...

Oh...that is horrible. I don't really love avocados, but I would agree that ANYTHING delicious would be ruined. Yuck...I haven't had a kid puke since October. I absolutely dread it! The flu stuff that seems to be going around here just includes an upset stomach and body kids have had that.

michelle said...

Ew. Bummer! I hate wasting a good avocado!