Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heart Day

Yesterday I read somewhere that a valentine was just not a valentine if it was given the day after.
Almost all of mine will be late....its still fun to give and to make them!
We still have a few crafts we want to make for we will continue the crafting, and the adorning and decorating.
Our day was happy, lots of handmade goodness...playing outside (wow this weather we have been having, warm one day, cold the next!) going to kids party's, and just being at home.

The delivering of the valentines did not happen today...a few were given, and certainly all the kids got theirs done for school, but like I said...I still have more to deliver, and a few to make!
I had an important piece to my valentines, and now I can't find it! I am giving myself until tomorrow to find it, then I am moving on.
Luke gave heart shaped play-doh (the idea came from Kim) and we came up with a cute little note for it...
Do not eat
it's not a treat
instead just play
because it's clay!

We made yummy treats..
for us and for teachers.

I have given up on taking photos of all the kids these 4 will have to do!

And this...
is my favorite thing from Valentines Day..totally unexpected!
Our 1st valentines day that we were married, Jay walked home from BYU with a VCR in his backpack, and he made me a heart out of some red branches and tied it together with his shoestring. I still have the heart, but after so many moves (10?) its lost a few twigs, here and there.
This year I told him I was making something for him. He said he would have to think of what he wanted to make for me.
Yesterday when he got home from work, he said
" I know what I am making for you..."
and he left.
AND this is what he made!

I love it, it is HUGE... here is a photo to kind of give a perspective.

There are still PILES, and PILES of branches in our neighborhood from the ice storm in December. And a lot of them are starting to grow! Little buds are forming. It's like they did not get the signal that they were cut down, or broken!
He used some of those branches for this....I LOVE IT!

Now I am getting off the computer..and I am not calling the Allsups-( wink )
Hope everyone had a "lovely" day!


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

What a wonderful husband! The photos of the kids are wonderful. You are wonderful too. Happy Valentine's Day even though my clock says 12:26. Yikes, Happy Day After Valentine's Day. You're right, it's okay to be late, isn't it?

Kim said...

I think Jay is very thoughtful! What a special gift!...... We did LOVE our annual phone call. WE got a good chuckle out of it!

Meghan said...

What a fun day! I am just mailing the kids valentines to Grandmas and Grandpas today. Good to hear I am not the only one a little behind.

michelle said...

SO sweet!