Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Photo recap

after seeing so many cute families with their cute kids and their cute matching outfits and all of the kids looking at the camera at the same time...I could hardly bring myself to look at my pictures!
But I pulled myself together and picked a few to post-I decided that the kids grandparents would rather see a photo of them all looking in different directions, than no photo at all-
so here we go...in my kids great attempts at being cute for the camera...

Savanna did good..she is smiling
I think Jack is trying to cover up his 2 front side teeth that are missing- I just love his toothless smile...I guess he does not.

ok- love this one...it shows him truly happy...not faking it

now here we have Tucker's new smile...please tell me this will be a short phase

all 3 boys have now worn these shoes for their 2nd easter...its a good thing easter came early this year-

After church we went and visited my Grandmother, then went to my brother's for dinner and the egg hunt with the cousins.

my niece did not want to be in the group photo- so had to get one of her by herself
Tucker thought that it was fun to go get eggs...

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Kim said...

We didn't get one picture on Easter morning and I was tempted to take my camera to church....I should have! I love the spt post! and the pictures.