Tuesday, March 25, 2008

today -

This morning I was on the treadmill listening to music and I was:

a fighter
a runner
a musician
a drummer
a vacationer
a dreamer
a backup singer
a lead singer
and I was alone.

I was in:
Eugene Oregon-walking beautiful trails by the river
Provo Utah-walking the hills around the Provo Temple
Chatham Massachusetts- in a jeep on the coast

I realized:
I can go anywhere I want.
I can be anything I want.
The reason I do my best creative work alone is because I am not worried about what others think.
I can let go of that fear of what others think.
My littlest one's screech matches the harmonica's highest pitch of the harmonica on
Take the Long Way Home-by Supertramp-

I listened to:
100 years-five for fighting
when its raining-the samples
when the starts go blue-tim mcgraw
these are days-10,000 maniacs
take the long way home-supertramp

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Bren's Life said...

I love the video & your words. The world is such a beautiful place. How can anyone ever say there is not a God???