Monday, March 3, 2008

the last 24 hours

Tucker slept through the night Sunday for the first time ever! (10 uninterrupted hours!)
Jay led a good discussion with the kids during breakfast about scriptures-
Left early to get Luke to school on time for his part-
Walked kids into school- which meant I had to be presentable- stayed to listen to Luke and drop off something for Jack
Jack made his Amelia Bedilia project "cheese-cake" and took it to school
Dr. Seuss crazy sock day for Jack
Jack -special person of the week
Luke got to say the "word of the week" for the morning announcements-"JOY"- a very glad feeling, Happiness, delight!
While in Jack's class, Tucker noticed the photo of Jack up on the computer screen for special person of the week, and got excited.
Came home and changed clothes to exercise, got water and made my way to the treadmill.
Phone sidetracked. Planned on getting on the treadmill later
Picked up Luke- took books to Jack
Made progress in "the studio"- started a ribbon organizing project, that I probably should have waited to do.
Tucker undid part of the "ribbon organizing project"
Tucker dumped out the crayons.
Read with Luke-
Watched a movie with Luke-(that is a 5 sense experience!)
Picked up kids.
Worked on homework.
Savanna and I had a "discussion" -
Burnt part of the dinner, but nobody noticed.
Moved things around in the boys room-
Ran out of hot water after only 2 of the 4 kids were clean
Tucker pooped on the floor after his bath and then walked in it and made tracks down the hall.
Pulled out carpet in the upstairs bath, and am not sure which is worse, the poop stained carpet or old linoleum.
Put Tucker to bed.
Made a strange dessert that did not work out- I don't know if I followed directions.
Had family night with kids- talked about scriptures, and how to find things in them-
While we were reading Luke saw the word "lesson" and asked if the word was "listen"
Savanna offered to help and really was a big help when things got a little wacky at bedtime
Never made it on the treadmill, but dressed to get on it...therefore never fully got ready for the day.
Got everyone in bed...nobody cried
Jay got home
I cried
finished ribbon organizing
Folded some laundry
got pictures ready for Jack for tomorrow-
Felt like I needed to document the day- I told Jay I felt like I did not get anything done-
I did!


Rebecca said...

Wow--it's amazing you could even remember all those things! But I know exactly how you feel. We feel like we didn't get anything done because no larg-ish project got completed. Sometimes our family needs us so much--it is kind of like we are a hamster in the wheel...constantly running but never really getting anywhere!!
And on that note...I better get off the computer so I can get some work done while Cohen is sleeping!!
ps...I can't believe that Tucker has never slept through the night before--ever! I won't feel so bad that Cohen wakes up once most nights--but occasionally sleeps through!!

Anonymous said...

The next time I think I didn't get anything done in a whole day, I am just going to write it down. But not in a blog....yet. I am just not ready for the blogging commitment. I love reading about your day. And I love seeing your comments on my moms blog. Thanks dear friend. hill

Kim Sue said...

I have days like this all the time. I find myself at the end and know that I did not mark anything off my to do list and wonder where did the day go. Writing it down is great - that's when you realize how much we crazily stuff into our days.