Friday, March 28, 2008

the last few weeks in photos- part 1

Here are some photos of the last few weeks- things that the kids have done-things we see around us-

Love it when we see signs of spring-

Jack had an Amelia Bedilia project-he chose to make something the way she would- He wanted to make cheesecake. So he made a cake, cut out the middle and put cheese inside. Then on top of the regular frosting, he put shredded cheese. In this photo he is showing you his "chef's face"-
the funny thing about this, is that everyone actually ate the cake. I somehow missed the part that the kids were going to actually eat it. He said everyone like it!

Luke got to say the word of the week in the schools morning announcements on a monday, then again that friday in front of the school for roundup in the gym. "Joy- a very glad feeling, happiness, delight"- our family said this every morning the week before to practice it with him- and we kind of have adopted this as our family's word for the year. They had been practicing it in class, and after he would say the word of the week- he would just launch right into the quote of the week which was, "joy is not in things, it is in us"-

Standing with 3 other kids from his class, for the salute and pledge of the flags- they were so cute, being the youngest grade and standing up in front of the whole school-
Tucker with his Aunt Jennifer my brothers wife
Tucker has started giving the cheesiest grins- whenever I have the camera out, and I am just taking photos- he whips this smile out- even when I am trying to take photos of something else, he trys to get in front of the lens with this goofy grin, then wants to "see" what it looks like-

I got to go with Allyson and Kim to make beaded necklaces -Kim had "won" a night of beading at a service auction at church last year- and she finally was doing it. She asked me if I wanted to go with her the week before, and I looked forward to it all week- when things got crazy during the week, or the kids were driving me nuts, I just would repeat over and over in my mind- "you get to have break on friday"- we had so much fun- The woman that had us over, made a delicious meal, had the table set beautifully, and we had a blast getting to know her better, and staying up late-

Luke running under 2 other dancing cousins-this was not planned he was just running happily and he saw a "bridge" to run glad I had my camera focused on him
Its an annual tradition on my side of the family to go to the Czech Hall every March to celebrate my youngest cousin's birthday- This year she turned 18! I can't believe that she is 18- I remember when she was born, and I was in high school-

Luke had so much fun this year- he was truly having a blast- He totally got into all the dancing-(um, more like creative running)brother and sister dancing
Its always a late night when we go- the Czech hall does not open until 8- so Jay stayed home with Tucker, who was already asleep before we left. We had so much fun-its a great place to go as a family-the live band, the fun dancing, kids can just be themselves, the chicken dance, the mexican hat dance..lots and lots of tuba polka music-

The kids got to dress up as their favorite book character-

savanna dressed up as-Louise Talbot-from Wishes kisses & pigs
Jack was George Beard-from Captain Underpaints
and Luke...his class was studying Fairy Tales and nursery rhymes and he picked the Youngest Goat from The 3 Billy Goats Gruff- I tried and tried to get him to pick something else..but he had his heart set on a billy goat- so the night before the kids were to dress up, my mom had been over watching Tucker for me, and she stayed to help me "make" this costume- everything came together quite nicely I think
The same day as the dress up day, Luke was recognized as a Sensational Citizen for his class-

Luke was so excited when we got out of the car and one of his friends was walking up at the same time- they both hugged and then grabbed hands, and walked this way until they got to the gym-
cute cub scouts-Jack being turned upside down to get his Bobcat badge- Its pinned upside down, and soon as he does a good deed he can turn it right side up

a few more to come....


Bren's Life said...

Your kids look like they are always happy & having fun! I love the dance place, what a great thing to do with your kids..
Thanks for becoming a new friend through SPT, I am so sad it won't be going on for awhile...

Kim Sue said...

sweet kiddos

the cheese cake is cracking me up :)

Hilary said...

that Ameila Bedelia cake is the cutest thing!

Kim said...

How fun to see all the pictures!... Kalab just saw Lukes picture and said "who's been walk'n on my bridge" lol
I am so glad we all went to do beads!

Barb said...

The Amelia Bedilia project is such a fun idea, I need to give that a whirl and see what my girls come up with.