Saturday, March 29, 2008

the last few weeks in photos part 2

I should probably do this in 3 parts, but I already loaded the it is what it is-LONG-

Before spring break I got to go to lunch with my sister Janelle and my mom (with the 2 littles)
It was so fun to be with her- we don't get to see each other very often-

Texas photos- spring break

the whole crew...all 8 kids together...we laugh and say look at all these humans- when we met and became friends, it was just the 4 of us- me, Jay, Donna, and her husband David- now look at what happened during the last 13 years!

Jack has had this loose tooth for so long- I have been wanting him to pull it ( I thought of you Hilary)-
But he just wouldn't. Somehow we got to talking about how much money the tooth fairy leaves in TX, and how much she leaves in OK- and it was more in TX-.then Jack remembered that he had not gotten more money the last time he lost a tooth in TX, would he get extra from the tooth fairy for forgetting? I said maybe. So he got to work- and then gave Donna a tissue- and she pulled it!
And what do you know, the tooth fairy left double the money, plus what she "forgot" last time!
That got Savanna working hard on hers, and making all kinds of deals like, what if I pull it on the car before we reach the OK/ TX line, does that count?
Tucker just plopped himself down in Daymon's lap while the kids were playing PS2- Daymon just lifted up his control over his head and kept right on playing.

Some of our kids plus a few friends at the park-
Savanna painting nails...

This last week I took Luke and Tucker with my Mom to the Crystal Bridge here in OKC- It really is beautiful, my sister got married here.

Tucker felt so big- he just strutted across this bridge-
It really made Luke nervous...he wanted me to hold Tucker's hand, which is so funny coming from him-
He kept saying "mom- I think you should grab Tucker, mom I think you need to get Tucker-"

There was this really cute girl all dressed up like a fairy- everyone was taking pictures- and adoring her
Tucker was not so sure- he just kept staring at her, trying to figure her out-

Savanna (far right)- playing the viola during her orchestra concert this week

She enjoys it, and is trying to decide whether to continue playing next year.
At the end of the concert, they had a "surprise" where the 5th grade students got to pick someone up to come up and they got to "teach" how to play- I was the one that got to go up... very funny-


Jenn said...

I love picture posts! Thanks for sharing. And I love the story about the Tooth Fairy in TX - everything is bigger in TX, isn't it!

Kim Sue said...

I love the way big brother was worried and being protective - so sweet. Love all your pictures.

Hilary said...

What a fun getaway! Your family is very cute and so fun!

Loved the Tooth Fairy part!! :O) I can't wait until Gracie gets another loose tooth!