Monday, March 31, 2008

playlist of my life

Today I was listening to ... and I was ...

A Lonely Voice-October Project- I am with Jay on many road trips from UT to CO, to OR to OK etc..

African Alphabet-Ladysmith Black Mambazo, (from Songs from the street, Sesame street) packing in OR to move to OK leaving our little "ski Lodge"

All This Time-Sting- I am moving from OK to CO feeling so free and scared at the same time

Always on My Mind-Pet Shop Boys-I am here right now, moving, glad for music to "move to"

Babylon-David Gray-Provo UT -not moving to London, "the provo house" wood floors, old doors, beautiful windows

Beautiful Day-U2-I am in Payson Utah with Kaleen

Bittersweet-Big Head Todd & the Monsters- I am in CO, not committed to much, not sure where I am going, but loving Colorado, and at the same time its 2 years later and I am married pregnant with savanna visiting CO and at a concert at USAFA

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Kaleen said...

Alisa - what an awesome thing to have read today. U2! I sure admire and love you. I read about your 2008 Adventure, Im so glad it has all turned out good. Youre an amazing women, always looking at the glass half Full! Thanks for bloggin, you inspire and uplift me!