Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So this weeks challenge from Lelly was this:

"if i came to visit you next week, how would i know which doorbell to ring? do you have a formal entrance? should i come to the front door? or do you prefer your guests to come around back? (would you be surprised if i came in through the garage?!?)"

You would definately enter through the front door. If you went through the back I would be a bit concerned how you got there. We share fence with 5 neighbors. And I might be surprised if you entered through the garage. I think it would all depend on what time of day it was.

Well you would think that since I had from last Friday to now to work on this, that I would have gotten something cute for around my front door. But no.
This is how I like to be -with something cute and festive.
But not now.
This is how it is. It is what it is. Check back with me in a few months,and maybe I will have decided on something.

Or like this, when the front door is closed-
That is my attempt at holiday- I had a very cute idea, and I ran out of supplies, and can not find what I am looking for. I think I will have to wait until next Christmas to get what I want.

And here is our poor front door mat- I got this for my birthday 5 years ago when we lived in Oregon. I keep painting and repainting it.

Click to enlarge
And to end...a 3 in 1 shot. Here I am, looking into the house, taking a picture of my reflection, and you get to not only see what it looks like as you walk into our home, but at the same time you can see what it would look like when you walk out. Dead grass, and an ugly trailer parked across the street.


April said...

Love it! I can't wait to see your front door next month. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the 3 in 1 shot!

Meghan said...

I LOVE that photo. You are so creative. I also think that you are brave to put your computer desk right where you see it as you come in the house. It seems as thought ours always gets cluttered.

lelly said...

at least you have *something* on your door. i've got nothing - at least between valentines and fourth of july. i can't decide what i want.

very creative 3 in 1 spt. can't wait to check out more!

Dacia said...

Very creative photo! I too have dead grass, but you can't see it because it's covered in snow!

Jenn said...

From what I've seen, you must have and a-maz-ing house! Will you come do something with mine?

Warren said...

I like that you have a glass 'screen door'.... I've always been fans of those as opposed to the steel security ones, or the ones with the actual mesh screen. I wish I had one. It gives your entrance a nice touch!

Anonymous said...

I love the glass door- I want one like that some day. Love the 3-in-1 shot- very creative. When I was taking pictures I kept getting frustrated with my 3 in one glare shot- didn't even think of it this way. It's awesome.

Chris said...

I love that you took your photo as a reflection. Very creative. I like St Patty's, and it is cute.

Janna said...

Love the photos!

Beckie said...

Thanks for the comment. I love you wreath, we are all about St. Patricks Day at my house. I can't wait to try the chicken pot pie recipe too!