Monday, July 21, 2008

Get out-Fairy Ball

After a tip from my sister-in-law Jennifer, our family got dressed up and went to the
Midsummer Night Faerie garden ball.
When I looked up information for the evening this is what I found-

"unique community celebration is a dress-up event where everyone is encouraged to transform themselves into a character from a faerie garden. Bugs, blossoms, elves and faeries ..."
"Everybody is encouraged to shape the fantasy, spin the dreamy light, gaze into endless stars and listen to the songs of summer."

How could I resist that?
When I asked the kids if they wanted to dress up and go to a ball- they dashed upstairs before I could even get the sentence finished. They all started swapping ideas, and finding the necessary items to make their outfits. A stop by Nan's house after swimming, and they were able to complete their costumes.
Jay even came up with a clever bug costume for his sunglasses.
A little time, lots of glitter and makeup for the girls, finding the right capes for the boys and we were off to the fairy ball.
Savanna was our fairy, and rotated between wearing her wings and her skirt.
Jack was a brave knight.
Luke was our little fruit bat- he even made sure to bring a piece of fruit.
And Tucker was along for the ride.
I was the backstage hand-makeup artist/hairdresser, costume arranger,and Jay was a bug.
(I love the mysterious hand with the cookie in this photo!)

We were able to meet up with my -sister- in -law and the cousins and the kids all played while we watched some dancing and listened to the music.

As we were walking back to our car, we passed right were the band was playing and we had a much better view of all the dancing.
The kids were drawn to it, so we stayed a while longer.
Jay danced with the older kids, and got some cute video of me dancing with Tucker.

It felt like a different time and place.
Jay and I were reminded once again of why its so good to "get out."
How much fun it is to "dress up"-


your mother said...

Now I wish I had gone! Picture is especially cute of Luke.

Kim Sue said...

looks like a beautiful night - love the picture of the girls with you in the background

April said...

How fun! We don't get out to do things often enough. What a great inspiration you are!

Sandi said...

Wow what a fun night. How could you resist glitter on your cheeks or something? That is my idea of a really good date (even with the kids).

Alisa said...

I was covered in glitter! The glitter was gone off my face from sweat!(sorry that sounds kind of yucky!)

Meghan said...

This looks like so much fun!! I laughed so hard at the fruit bat. Did he come up with that himself? You are all so creative.

Alisa said...

Yep Luke came up with the fruit bat all on his own. He normally is wearing batman stuff, or spiderman stuff, but tonight her came up with the fruit bat, and went and got his apple all on his own.