Sunday, September 14, 2008

the first day of school through the eyes of tucker

He cried as we left the house and daddy did not get in the car so early in the morning.
He cried as we walked out the school doors and realized we were leaving without his older brothers and sisters.
He cried the whole way home.
He cried as we came into the house.
Then he stopped.
I was happy.
And I wondered.
Why had he stopped?
Who cares!! He stopped crying!
Hmmm- maybe I should check
Oh yes, the camera!
8:16 starts the time stamp of these pictures-
9:07 ends the time stamp of these pictures.
Some of them look the same, but no. look closely. There are tiny differences!

When did the almost 2 year old learn to use the camera?
(3 1/2 weeks into school now, and he only is sad a couple of times a week after dropping everyone off. He is so happy when I tell him its time to go get Luke at 10:30! He runs out the door to get in the car!)


your mom said...

as grandaddy would say with pride, "that my grandson."

Kim Sue said...

Tucker continues to crack me up!

Jenn said...

Bless his heart! My poor Drew can't wait for Big Brother to get home at 3:30 - this is the first year they don't have the afternoons together. And I can already see how much they LOVE Saturdays - they just play and play together those days! But how blessed we are that our kids like each other!