Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy 27th Birthday

Since you had such a marvelous birthday weekend, and now are suffering from post holiday letdown, I thought I would relive the memories for you-

Sleeping in on a Saturday morning and having a pancake breakfast.

Getting sonic drinks for the both of us, (but none for the kids) just because.

Having a constant shadow of the name Tucker for the weekend.

Getting McDonalds fries and ketchup and nothing else, just because you wanted french fries.

Sharing them with your shadow.

A long nap on Sunday even after your shadow woke up. Heaven!

Monday morning yummy french toast made with real french bread for breakfast.

Delicious Italian lunch and dessert. Alone. With me. No shadow along. Heaven.

Brownies at work to share. They are too good not to share.

Dinner at home.

Your shadow announcing "Dad" whenever he sees the apple logo.

Your request of brownies, ice cream and hot fudge sauce. (no pie?!)

I love that you are always willing to help me. You take time and you don't get frustrated when you are explaining things. And when I finally get what you are trying to explain, you congratulate me.
My wish for you is that we will be able to go on more walks together.

I like that you pretend a lot. I like that you do fake things a lot, like imitating mom, and its really funny.
My wish for you is that you stay the same.

I love that you chase me.
I wish that you will have lots and lots of love, and that you will take me to lots of restaurants even macaroni grill.

I love your apples.
I love being your shadow.
I wish that you will have many drinks to share, and lots of apples.

You need to know,
I love how you make everything fun.
I love how you can find the humor in any situation.
I love your testimony.
I love how you fix things. And that you are willing to.
I love your art. I love it when you create.
I love your mind, and how it works.
I love seeing you with the kids, and how you are so silly with them.
I love having this family with you.
My wish for you is many more alone lunch dates this next year.
And many more birthdays in your twenty's!

anybody else care to leave a birthday message, and/or wish?


your mom said...

I see those very sames things about Jay. Everyone of them makes him special. Its that whole package that is Jay. Unique. But i would change the part about lunches alone with dessert......to loving the way he likes to slip over to my house alone so we can talk and watch a movie together. If Jay were a food, he would be the"yummy TREAT." My wish for him is that this year he will find excitement and adventure in exploring new career paths.

Kim said...

is he really only 27??
wow he is young!
Happy Birthday Jay!

Melissa said...

My brother reminded me the other day how once you found a deer hoof (had to be in my fathers basement) and you put it up your coat sleeve and pretended it was your hand. You would go around campus and try to shake people's hand with your "hoof". That makes me laugh so hard. Even if it didn't happen, it is a great story.
Happy Birthday, Jay. melissaturley@comcast.net