Sunday, September 7, 2008

He needs to know

I had a funny moment today during this
(this spelling was pretty funny-its supposed to be "Fast and Testimony")

I felt a heavy hand on my shoulder and it startled me.
And then in the exact same moment it was comforting.

It was Jay.
He usually does not attend church with us or he just comes late, because he is helping in another ward. But today we all drove in 1 car to church.
And we got to sit together. Close enough that he could touch me.
Funny that I would think that a blessing.
But I do.
Funny that his hand on my shoulder would startle me.
It just felt so different than a child's would.

He needs to know how nice it was to have him there.
He needs to know how grateful I am that he serves without complaining.
He needs to know how handsome I think he is. (especially in a blue suit, ahhh sigh.)
He needs to know how wonderful it was to have him take Tucker.
He needs to know how thankful I am when he comes to church with us, even though he has already been "churching" for many hours.
He needs to know how I love to hear him sing Hymns of praise.
He needs to know that I am so grateful he is friendly.
He needs to know that I am the lucky one.


Hilary said...

what a sweet post...

Melissa said...

Hey! My name is Melissa and I was friends with your good man here ages and ages and ages ago. Bless the world of blogs. I still can't imagine how he found my blog.
After reconnecting, you wonder how people have changed. It was fun to read this post and realize that Jay hasn't changed, just grown up!
You have a beautiful family!