Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What to eat Wednesday-Brownie Trifle

This absolute yummy treat is from Allyson. She made this for me after I had Tucker and had it at my house waiting for me. The hospital did not want us to leave (we finally signed a release to go home.)
So I missed my coming home dinner.
I will never forget sitting in bed and having this yummy dessert. Thankfully the fam saved me some. I do not remember what she brought for dinner, but I remember the dessert!
Oh the dessert heaven!
This is now a requested treat for any event.
She has made it for us for birthdays, funerals, baby blessings.
Now my family requests it. (My sister and mom even asked Allyson to make them one!)
I love making them in individual ones in pretty clear glass.

It really is very simple.
Chocolate pudding or Chocolate mousse
Whipped cream
Toffee bits and chocolate sauce for the top

Crumble the brownies on the bottom of the trifle bowl.
Layer on top pudding then whipped cream.
Drizzle with chocolate syrup and toffee bits.


Meghan said...

This is the exact reason I need to buy myself that trifle bowl I have always wanted!!

Meghan said...
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Kim Sue said...

Yum...nothing like layers of goodness!

Rebecca said...

This looks like a dessert I could only make for a big crowd...because I would not be able to stop eating it!