Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday TWO you!


Kim Sue said...

what a cutie...I know it will be another fun year full of antics that I can't wait to read about!

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday Tucker!

Veronica said...

Happy Day Tucker! I can't believe you are 2.

your mom said...

You talked about Tucker not wanting to go upstairs and take a nap because of his new car and that if he could have he would have taken it to bed with him...I forgot to tell you that when I got him up from his nap he was laying on a set of real car keys. It made me laugh to know he must have gone to sleep holding his keys thinking about his next drive.
And what I love about Tucker is how he always wants to show me whatever is on his mind by wiggling his index finger for me to follow him. I love that he is so lovable and squeezeeeeee.
Here's my wish for Tucker.
A year full of new and safe exploration that will provide us with many happy memories. I hope that we can enjoy many hours of it together. I love you Tucker and I'm glad you are my grandson.