Friday, September 26, 2008

Tucker turns two

Oh what a day you had.
We were all so excited for you to wake up.
Savanna and Jack stayed up the night before to help decorate. They pulled out every stuffed animal they could find and put them all over the family room. They made signs and cards, and little notes.
When you woke up, everyone wanted to go into your room to see you. Luke exclaimed- "I can't wait to see how big he got!"

When you came downstairs and saw your present you were so happy. You climbed right in, and did not get out for breakfast- Dad fed you while you sat in there.

When it was time to go you were so sad, and hopped right back into it when we got home.

We went to the library together and got Bear in the Big Blue House videos and came home to watch them. Mom's idea was to sit on the sofa together and snuggle, but you had other plans. You sat in your car and happily watched.

You did climb out long enough for lunch- and you sat in my lap and I smothered you with kisses all the while you tried to eat your PB&J.

Dad and I just wanted to eat you up!
After Dad went back to work you played outside with Luke.

Then it was time to go inside for a nap.
Oh the tears about leaving your car. If it was possible you would have carried it upstairs with you and into the bed.

After you woke up we went back outside and rode the car in the front this time. You smiled and smiled and made silly faces.

It was about this time that I think you realized that today was a special day. You had so many people say Happy Birthday- and I think you got it. We went inside to make dinner, and you saw the presents on the table. Immediatly you went for them, and started saying "day, day" as you tried to open them.

I think you got it.

You sat with Luke and read books together.

You and Dad gave Mom the traditional flowers.

You loved your cake- and were so adorable trying to blow out your candles. After a little bit of help you dug right in.

You opened a present with Dad,

then went outside for one more play of the day.

You kept saying "day" over and over again. I really think that you knew today was your day.

This morning when you woke up and we came downstairs you were just as excited to see the car. It was like you had forgotten about it, and were so excited/surprised/oh yea all at the same time.

Tucker we love you- we are so glad you are a part of our family. None of us can remember what it was like before you came.

This is what everyone in our family loves/wishes for you.

Jack- I like Tucker's cheerfulness. He is so curious! I just love him so much. He is the cutest boy!
I wish for him to speak more clearly, not baby language or R2D2, but you know.

Luke- I like Tucker cause he loves me. My wish is that he will have a lovely sleep and birthday.

Savanna- I like it when he comes in the summer and wakes me up, he pats my head and climbs into bed and he is all clean and warm. I wish that he will be ale to talk and be a smart boy and tell us everything he is learning.

Dad- I love Tucker's sweetness and his sounds. You can make him smile like turning on a switch. I love that he is waiting by the door for me after my walks in the morning, and how he puts his arms around my neck and lays his head on my shoulder as I hold him. I wish for you to play and imagine and be happy healthy and strong.

Mom- I love how much JOY Tucker brings into our home and family. He is so happy. Even his mischievousness makes us smile. He has the cutest sounds, and I especially love how he says "UH HUH!" whenever he sees something that he wants. Like he has been asked a question and he is giving the answer, but there was never a question asked! My wish is safety this next year as you get more curious and mischievious!


shara said...

Happy Day, Tucker and family! We love you all very much. I love the way Tucker smiles so automatically. I also enjoy so much the love that all of you have for each and every person in your family and for others around you. You are some of my lil' family's favorite people!

Kim said...

Oh I love his sweet smile and how he waves to say hi! I giggled at Jacks r2d2 talk!