Sunday, September 28, 2008

one month ago-labor day weekend

One month ago was labor day weekend. How has 1 month gone by already? I still have summer things to put away, but we are clearly into the school year and fall is right around the corner. We are still having wonderful warm weather- not too hot (its gotten a little warm, we are still using the air conditioner) so I have gotten to enjoy something that I thought would not last very long.


Oh I have been wanting one for so long. I wanted one before school was out.
I wanted one for my birthday. I wanted one before we left on our 2008 adventure to California. I wanted one everytime I went to the pool. I wanted one when we went to Colorado. And then again when we went a 2nd time.

So last month-Labor day weekend, Saturday morning Jay announced at breakfast that he really thought we should drive to TX to visit our friends for the weekend. I had a class to teach that morning about budgeting at church- and I chuckled to myself thinking about all the work that had to be done while I was gone, and said I would call our friends and see what they had planned.
When I called Donna she said "come on down, and if you get here before 6:45 you can go get a pedicure with me!"
I was thrilled!!!
I was thrilled because I was going to be gone for the packing and preparing, I was going to get to come home load up and have a happy drive-a road trip with my family and then get to be with friends and have a pedicure! This sounded just like my kind of weekend.
I had not had a pedicure since I lived in OR- it was a gift from Holly and Layne for my 30th birthday.
5 years ago.

We had a great drive- were met with smiles and pizza from our friends, and off Donna, April and I went to get our pedicures. We laughed a little about leaving 2 Dad's with 12 kids but knew they could handle it!

It was heavenly- We laughed and laughed. We laughed at each other, we laughed that I was wearing a skirt, we laughed at who-knows-what-the-ladies-were-saying-about-us as they did our nails.We laughed at the sheer joy of 3 moms, with 12 kids between us being alone, and the highlight afterward would be grocery shopping by ourselves! We laughed about everything. ...

I was talked into a manicure at the same time.

I loved having my nails done too. Every time I looked at them over the next 2 weeks was so fun. I felt finished! If it would just last a little longer.

But the very best part, and the whole reason I hurried to get to TX was the pedicure.
Love -love -love it.
And the best part is that it has been a month and they still look pretty good.
I totally thought I would be wearing regular shoes by Oct 1- but I am still wearing all of my sandals.
Getting to enjoy seeing my toes every single day.
I know that my family had a great time on the trip.
But I think I had the best time.
And you know what topped the whole night off? Getting back to our friends and having the two littles already bathed and in jammies, and all of our stuff unloaded from the car.
That and having one of April's kids saying "that man is funny."
Thanks Donna and David for letting us invite ourselves to come down for the weekend.
Thanks Donna and April for going to get pedicures.
Thanks Jay and David for tending to all those children.
Thanks Jay for being so funny.
Thanks for not caring that after a family road trip, that I took off to go get a pedicure.
Thanks for letting me take that 3 hour Sunday nap.
Thanks for helping to build a windmill.
Oh- and thanks for standing in line that morning for oh-so-long at the tag agency with the birds and our 4 children to get the tags done.
And then packing. And taking care of the kids.
Want to do it again?!


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Oh, your pigs look so good! And your hands do too.

Tell Hillary that President Uchtdorf said being creative is one of God's gifts and that God is the most creative in the Universe and to be creative and show that she loves God SHE SHOULD BLOG.

How's that? Do you think it will work?

Donna Ryan said...

That was a great weekend! You know you can come to the great state of TX anytime! I did the solar nails ($30) and they have been on for 2 1/2 weeks and still look great! You might try that sometime when you have some extra cash burning a whole in your pocket. You'd love it. As much as you loved your pedicure, you should budget for that so you can do it the entire sandal season!

Thanks for the memories and fun.