Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Thank you Lelly for all of this!

Because of a blog I started a blog. I don't remember when I started reading blogs, or whose I read first.
But almost 2 years ago my husband asked why I did not have a blog. I thought I would not have anything to blog about!

tuesday, september 2 home decor/tabletop
Because of a blogger (I have no idea who!) I found this blog-
And because of her:
I have an idea of what I want to do here
Just need some good thrift shopping, and yard sales. I am looking for a nice round table to go in this corner. Underneath will hold food storage and the kids movies.

After reading through her blog, I decided to pull out some of our favorite things, and put them with books that had been sitting on the floor for months into this bookshelf in our bedroom.
She has a saying "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful" and it clicked with me. I pulled out the set of dishes that a dear friend made for us when we got married and added them in the with the books. I love looking at this every day!
tuesday, september 9 entertaining/parties
Because of this blogger I have a renewed sense of hospitality.
I absolutely love her Ten Commandments. It just rings true with me.
I love how she is teaching her children. How she has them help. How she is comfortable having people over. And so gracious. I want to be that way. I want others to feel comfortable in our home. I want to feel comfortable having people over. I also love her "balcony girls" group.

tuesday, september 16 arts and crafts

Last weeks (sept 16) and this weeks (sept 23) kind of cross over between each other- SO much of what I consider art and creativity is in the kitchen-

tuesday, september 23 in the kitchen
and of course everyones favorite

tuesday, september 30 personal growth
Wow this one is pretty hard for me to think about. I think that through reading others blogs I have been able to identify so many different qualities that 1. I want to work on myself or 2. I can relate to what they are going through 3. That I don't want to be like at all (so I stop reading their blogs.)

And then there are the ones that change me. That when I read them, or just think of them during my day, I have a change of perspective. I have a renewed sense of purpose, of serving others, of living my life to the fullest, of creating the life I want for me and my family. I have thoughts of loving my family and giving gratitude to my Father in Heaven for this gift of life. I am reminded to not take things for granted.
http://nieniedialogues.blogspot.com/ and her sister http://blog.cjanerun.com/

There are too many blogs to list that I check in on. I read way more than I comment. It is not possible to comment on every single blog that I read -that I enjoy. There are too many blogs to list that I cry for their hurts, or that I cheer when they have accomplished something wonderful. For people that I never have met, but I pray for.
Too many to count that make me think, "What will it be like when my child does that" or "Man, glad that wasn't me!"
I love the connections that I have made through blogging- for the inspiration, for the friendships, for the free-flowing of ideas and the sharing of them. For the friends that I get to keep up with, who I might otherwise miss out on their thoughts, and day to day events.
Because of a blog I take time out for me. I take photos of myself. I look for ways to celebrate the every-day-ordinary things.

But most of all because of a blog I have documented my life. Me. My family. Who I am.
Thank you WWW.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Thank you WWW says it all! Good for you, I'm glad you blog, too.

lelly said...

so true - for all the blogs i read and comment on and *connect* with, there are so many others i simply have time to read. and then to feel. it's very powerful.

lelly said...

and i have to say i loved seeing your entire month's worth of challenges :)

Missy :o) said...

wow, that was great. I love the way you write! Thanks for your nice comment on mine! :o)

Becky said...

I am constantly amazed at the power of words and photos...at how easy it is to "connect" with someone I have never met. Great post!

Janiece said...

Great SPT!

Kim said...

great post! YEAH WWW

Jeanette said...

I love that and feel the same way.

wende said...

thank you for commenting on my blog! it's nice to meet you...i loved your post, and i smiled at how many of those same blogs i love too - you have GREAT taste!

blogging is such a powerful thing, it's way bigger than i ever thought it would be, in fact, i never imagined any of this. but i love it!

MaryRC said...

I totally concure with your thoughts and feelings. It was fun to see your whole month all at once too..

Lene said...

Wonderful SPT!

Kim Sue said...

great SPT post...I see a few blogs that I don't visit and I can't wait to check them out!

Hilary said...

so flattered to be included!