Monday, October 27, 2008

two and 1 month

Tucker, one month ago this weekend you turned two.
At two you:
  • Love love love your belly button- always needing your jammies unzipped so you can get to it
  • You are not loving wearing one-piece outfits anymore because it seriously impairs you reaching your belly button.
  • You love getting dressed in the morning including your shoes-and on the subject of shoes, you want everyone else to have a pair on also- and if we take them off it makes you antsy.
  • You love to sing, and lead the music, no matter where it is coming from. At church, in the car, at our morning devotional, you la la la, and lead the music.
  • You seem to favor boys, more than girls. If given the choice between mom or dad, you will choose dad. Or if in nursery at church (when you go in!) if there is a dad you will go sit with him instead of the moms that are in there.
  • You are speaking a few more words, and a lot of sounds. You sign a few things also.
  • You say "back" when you don't want me to come near what you are doing and hold up your hand like a stop sign- (like if you are into mischief!)
  • You say "mmmhmm" in agreement.
  • You say "tay" for O.K.
  • You say "OH" two different ways. One "Oh" is long as in "oh I get it" when we tell you something or show you something or when we are explaining something to you. The other is a quick "Oh." when he hears us talking and he wants to let us know he is a part of the conversation.
  • You say "uh huh" in two different tones. One is in agreement when we ask you something. The other is very emphatic and is said when you see something you want. You exclaim it like we have just asked you a question and you are giving an absolute positive answer!
  • You hold your utensils just like an adult, and still switch from left to right, and don't seem to favor one or the other. We really wonder if you will be left handed like your brothers and dad.
  • You LOVE trains.
  • You now play with toys, and seem interested in them for more than a minute. Your favorites are the trains, and anything under Luke or Jack's bed.
  • You love to help with whatever we are doing.
  • You think that you can do whatever Jack, or Luke are doing. If they are riding bikes, then you are. If they are on their skateboards, then you are. If they are playing out back then you are.
  • You like to take things apart.
  • You know what you want to wear, and pick things out. You definitely have an opinion.
  • You now like to read books. For the longest time you did not like to sit and look at them by yourself, or listen to us read them, but now you do. Ahhh, we love it!
  • You love babies, and talking sweetly to them.
  • You like to put your hands in your pockets.
  • You say everyone in the families name, you pray for each one by name, you call out for each one in your cute voice when you want them.
  • You think toots are funny.
  • You have nicknames: Tuck, T Tucker Wallace, T, Turkey, Tuckish, are a few.
  • You bring so much Joy to everyone here.
I have edited this, and will continue to, as I hear you say things that are so "two-for-you" over the next few days.

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