Thursday, October 30, 2008

point and sick (I mean click)

Along with not having a camera I have been sick. So not only no photos to post with, but no energy either. 

Jay has been incredible- he has gone above and beyond to take care of things here, and, AND he helped me get a camera! I had started saving last Monday, just days before my camera broke, to get a new one. I wanted to get a grown up camera and then take a class on how to use it, and how to take photos. 

So when my camera broke I knew that I would be putting my money towards a point and shoot that I could just capture every day. But I was sick. Not even a gift card plus great coupons, plus a really good sale at bath and body could get me to go shopping. AND it just seemed overwhelming to me to go shop for a camera. 

So he took care of it. He took my money and then made up the difference. What a guy-he came home last night with a cute little red camera that fits right in my pocket. So now I am learning how to use it and will be back with more photos than I have time to share.

Not a moment too soon. Lots of Halloween get ups to be documented. Kids dressing up in the same thing that siblings had in years passed. Kids changing their minds the day before Halloween. And me being fine with it.

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