Thursday, October 30, 2008

Going to Edmond

Tuesday afternoon my niece Addie said to her Grandmother, "Did you know that Heavenly Father and Jesus live in Edmond?" To which her Grandmother replied, "Do you mean Heaven?"

Addie exclaimed with a hand brought to her forehead,"Oh yea, Heaven."

That same day my Mom called and told me that Nana's time here on earth was coming to an end. She wanted to give me the opportunity to come and sit with her. So I did.

Jay was home and stayed with Luke and Tucker while I went to visit Nana before it was time to pick up Savanna and Jack. Nana was asleep and I sat and held her hand. It was just me and my mom at the time, and it was peaceful.

Before I left I sang to her and told her I would come back. I left and took care of the needful things for my family and went back over until about 7. It was starting to feel like a family reunion at her home. Lots of hugs and how are you's. I missed my camera!

I went home and tucked kids in bed, and climbed in myself. I felt emotional, and tired, and sick.
I got a call around 9:30 P.M. from my sister Janelle. She said that Nana was more responsive and they just wanted me to know in case I wanted to come back over. So I did. She was in and out while I was there, but knew who I was. I stayed and helped my mom care for her, but also was able to visit with cousins and my sisters. It truly was a fun get together. We reached a point that most of us needed sleep so we left.

Wednesday morning I rushed around trying to catch up. From being sick, from being gone visiting. I made food for my family to be prepared for dinner and some to take over to Nana's house for anyone that needed it. Something about cooking food for others made me feel like I was helping, and accomplishing something.

I picked up Luke and headed back to Nana's to drop off the food and to give more hugs. What a blessing this day was. Nothing was planned, but everything went like it was. I was able to have heartfelt talks with my mom while Janelle played on the porch with Tucker, and Luke ran around in the front yard.

I saw my brother. I was able to hold Nana's hands some more. I helped my mom and brother make Nana more comfortable in her bed. I sat on the porch with Janelle and then Jennifer and reminisced about the sounds of my grandparents home. And how different this feels than when Grandaddy passed away. His death was sudden. This is slow. And knowing this is the end of our Grandparents life here on earth, and the end of just going by our Grandparents home has an emotion all of its own. So many emotions I have felt and am processing.

I left once again, to pick up kids and care for my family with plans of returning in the evening.
The evening was as much of a blessing as the day. It ended up just being both of my sisters and my mom. We sang songs- some funny, some serious, some downright silly, some emotional, some spiritual. We held Nana's hands. I was grateful for the time. Grateful that the kids were home and taken care of.

Now for today. Today has had its trials. I am tired. I am getting better from being sick, but its taking its sweet time. I did get to see Nana again today and sit with her. My children are now home for a 3 day weekend, and I am so glad for the time I had the last few days to visit with family, and to sit with Nana.

The time is now short until Nana goes to Edmond. It makes me chuckle just thinking of her going on a little car drive- a little trip- to Edmond.

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