Monday, October 27, 2008

can't have one without the other

My camera is broken.
And apparently I need to practice writing without photos.
It is kind of like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Who wants just a peanut butter sandwich? Or just a jelly sandwich?
I just find it hard to write without the photos.
Because I have no camera ...
I have not written about the gigantic box and all the packing peanuts that kept Luke and Tucker busy for hours.
Or about how that same box and packing peanuts kept Luke (and me!) busy cleaning it up.
Or about the fantastic be-lated birthday/early-Christmas present that was inside that gigantic box.
Or about how much I love this present and want to display it now.
Or about Jack and how he won a ribbon for most original pet in the pet parade. (apparently there is a plus side to only owning fish!)
Or how Jack dressed up as Paul Revere for a book report and then used the same costume for a party that night.
Or how Jay so wonderfully and creatively spent an evening in making Jack a musket to go with the Paul Revere costume.
Or how wonderful it is to have light in my kitchen, and how I feel like I am in the spotlight on my own stage.
Or all the things we have been doing for red ribbon week at school.
Or my SPT's.
I guess I could always go back and write about what I do have photos of. Like Disneyland. You know that was 5 months ago. I could write about that. I should write about that.
Hmmm- my mind is now thinking of all the photos that don't have their story told. Oh-my.


Tara said...

It stinks to not have a camera! We had to go without one twice this year.. That pot pie was delicious! Thank you so much!

Meghan said...

yes, not having a camera is the pits. Funny how before digi cams I was not a big picture taker but now I feel like a camera is a necessity. We are going to the mall in a few minutes and I just put the camera in my diaper bag. You never know today's chic fil a meal just might be extra special enough to photograph.

hillary smith said...

I was wondering why no posting for so long. Posts with out pictures are still better than no posts at all. Happy day

I love your pot pie too. I now take it to everone who needs a meal.