Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What to eat Wednesday- Dad's Taco soup

This recipe came from my dad, but I most recently had it at my mom's. The story goes that my dad had been in a car accident and had not eaten in several days. My Aunt Barbara brought him this soup and he ate 5 bowls. I have had it in my recipe book but have not ever made it.
Last week my mom had us over and made this soup. It was so yummy. Perfect for fall. A very easy one to throw together. I loved all the beans in it. All the different kinds.

1 1/2 pounds beef or turkey
2 onions
4 garlic cloves diced
4 sticks celery

1 can beef broth or 2 cups water and bouillon
1 packet ranch dressing
1 packet taco seasoning

small can chopped chilies
3 cans diced tomatoes

Brown meat and then add everything. Simmer and serve.

So tonight I made it for dinner. I was bugged about my camera being broken. The lighting was perfect. In my state of being bugged (and in my state of half cooking, half cleaning up the house) I misread the recipe. As we were eating this I kept thinking- this does not taste anything like mom's did. Hers tasted so much better. (cue my moms laughter) I went back and looked at the recipe. I messed up. I put 3 cans of the chilies, no tomatoes and no garbanzo beans. Goodness.
I will take pics the next time I make it. That is once I get a camera. And when the lighting is good.


Kim Sue said...

sounds yummy, I love wintery soup recipes, my perfect comfort food!

Kaleen said...

Hi Alisa - reminds me of winter days in Provo and Payson. Im going to make this soup for my family this weekend. Have a great day

Shauna said...

That sounds awesome! I need to make this for sure! Thanks for sharing :)