Monday, October 20, 2008

Class Pets

Jack got to bring home the class pet a few weekends ago, and was so so excited!

A guinne pig! Her name is Cotton Lilly.

We all remembered when Savanna was in 3rd grade, same teacher and got to bring it home. Luke was 3 at the time and he kept calling her Cottnin Lilly. So this weekend that is what we kept calling her.
Tucker was squeeling with delight and got the sound down pat of a guinnie pig.
Now when we go into the class to see Jack, or drop something off he giggles and says hiss, hiss,(the pigs house) and points to it and wants it back inside its cage.

Then last weekend over the 4 day fall break he got to bring home the class SNAKE! (I did not manage to get a picture of this!)
It was tiny. But still it was a snake.
I wonder what other class pets we will get to enjoy ... It is fun for the kids, and relieves a little of the guilt that I have for us not having a pet.
The kids get to pretend for weekends at a time that they have pets!


Holly said...

That is so funny - a guinea pig and a snake!? Lucky you!

hillary smith said...

I hear ya about the class snake. I probably would have fainted on the spot. I don't do snakes. No matter how tiny. They creap me out. miss you still. hill