Monday, October 13, 2008

Friday date day -It's the weekend!

Friday afternoon I met up with Jay downtown for a fast take out lunch. We sat outside by a fountain while we ate then we went to the museum of art.
This weekend was the end of the the art from the Louvre.

We entered in right at the same time as about 4 schools of elementary children on field trips.
This is where it is so good to have jay's perspective on life. he gave a big smile and commented on how great it was that all these kids were getting to see this, and how some might be bothered that there was extra noise, but that it did not bother him. He saw it as a sign of life, and others enjoying art, and possibly being influenced by him. So on that note we set out to see as much as we could in 1 hour.
It was a whirlwind look, and a little overwhelming. Trying to grasp the timeline of when these were found, and then thinking of how old they could possibly be, and then thinking that here they are in a state barely (2oo years old-oops, you know me and numbers) I mean 100. I loved seeing the hairdo's on the women, and Jay felt inspired to sculpt again.
We left much to soon, but we are so thankful for Jay's employment, that we thought it would be a good idea for him to go back to work.
What happened next is something that I dream about, but rarely get.
I had a little over 2 hours ALONE.
My mom had kept the boys while we went to lunch and just said to come get them after I picked up the big kids.
AHHH- I did so much- So many stores I want to go to , but don't because of time, or children or both. I got a drink that I did not have to share. I smiled. I sang loud in the car. I browsed at my own pace (which is pretty quick.)What I looked at while I was driving around- made me smile
I felt refreshed.
I picked up the kids and we had plans to stay at my moms for the evening for one of our long-over-due date night at Nan's, but plans changed. So back home we went, and had a wonderful impromptu candlelight dinner with the family. Yummy bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Broccoli stuffed pasta shells. YUM-Tasty.

A date with my love.
A date alone.
A date with the family.
A great start to the weekend.

*Edited- I added the link to the the bread and the pasta shells


Kim Sue said...

I love little dates with my husband especially during the middle of the day. It really feels like you are getting away with something.

And, isn't is amazing what a couple of hours alone can do for you! :o)

shara said...

Your post made me smile. Still am smiling.

Kimallsup said...

How fun to just get away! cute pictures too.

Meghan said...

Remember being single and how great it was to have two dates in one weekend? This sounds way WAY better than that.

Rebecca said...

I am interested in the Broccoli Stuffed Pasta shells! Are they vegetarian?? I am always on the lookout for new recipes!

I live for ALONE time! Every day, I usually get 1-2 hours in the afternoon while Cohen sleeps and Avery plays in her room. I am so used to it, that if I don't get it...I am grumpy!! : )