Monday, October 13, 2008

Mischief Monday

Yesterday I got to go with Jay to speak in another ward. He sat up on the stand and I sat with the kids before it was time to speak. Savanna had helped in packing a little entertainment bag for Tucker,(and Luke) she filled it with fun little things, stickers, crayons, a stuffed animal, some beads, a bandaid, and a few other odd things. Tucker went through the bag pretty quick. Soon it was time for me to speak, and Jay and I traded spots.
I was doing fine, until I looked down at my outline and something green and shiny caught my eye. I kind of gasped when I realized I had 4 shamrock stickers shimmering randomly across my chest. I chuckled right there, and commented that I just noticed that my son had decorated my shirt before I got up.
After we spoke 2 people came up and said they did not even notice the shamrocks, and then 2 others said they were glad I explained what the stickers were.
Thanks for the laugh Tucker, and the distraction. I think it helped take the edge off my nerves.

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Meghan said...

ha ha I can see this happening to me.