Thursday, October 9, 2008

SPT- #7 of 100

or in this case Thursday!
Lelly's challenge for the month of October-
"i think october is a great month to spend some time with yourself. i know many of us are already hyperventilating about the rush from All Hallow's Eve through New Year's Eve. this is the perfect opportunity to get yourself mentally, physically and spiritually prepared for the upcoming holiday *madness.*

this month, we will consult our 100 lists. it's quite simple, really. on the 7th of the month (TOMORROW) post an spt about item #7 on your list. on the 14th of the month, post an spt about item #14. and so on. and so on.

don't have a list? why don't you start one? it seems like a daunting task, you say? well, if you work up to #7 this week, #14 next week, etc., your list will be more than a quarter of the way finished by the end of the month!"

So here I go-
About 2 1/2 years ago I started a things I love list,

and things I don't list.

So that is what I am using.
I started typing up the loves, and this is #7.

#7. kids out of tub wrapped in a towel

This has to be in my top 10 of best things ever. I love giving my kids baths. From the moment they are born- I want them to have one every night. I just love the calming soothing feelings of the water. And how totally yummy they smell afterward. I love snuggling them up in a fluffy towel and squeezing them up all tight as I carry them into their rooms to get lotion and jammies. I love picking up their towels afterward and how the delicious scent of bathtime is still lingering on it.

Now that 3 of my kids bathtimes don't follow up with me scooping them up in a towel I still try and sneak a big-bear-hug-like-squeeze before they get dried and changed on their own. I still love to smell their towels. And since 3 of my kids bathtimes don't involve me so much, I treasure these times with #4.

Go here to see others #7-

I will update this post when I find pics of the first 3 in their towels (when they were little.) You know that was so long ago. Like before we had a digital camera.


lelly said...

i absolutely agree with your #7!! and the photo is perfect - makes me want to go bear hug my own...

Becky said...

Oh, this is great! Bathtime is usually my husband's "job"--that is when he gets to spend some time with the kids and give me a break but I do love tucking them in and enjoying how good-smelling and warm and sweet they are :)

Great spt!

The monkey bunch said...

I used to love that too, before they got big. I hate when they grow like that.

MaryRC said...

its been so long i almost forgot what that feeling is like... great post!

April said...

What a great idea to begin a list of things you love. It seems daunting to me to come up with 100 things about myself, but I think I could do things I love.
I totally agree with the bath time smell! Yummy lotions, baby/child massage...aaaah.

Chris said...

I love this post. I make my kids hooded towels when they are born and I love to wrap them up in them. My 5 yr old is the only one left to do that with. How fun.

shara said...

You struck a cord w/ a bunch of us. Thanks. Something Kayte would do before she moved out (heavy sigh) is come sit on my bed w/ me after her shower. We would sit and just talk. Since she cut her hair so short, she wouldn't brush it out, but run her hands through her it while she shared her day. Thanks for reminding me of that. It is a great memory.