Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back in the saddle

I am here.
Just processing.
And keeping up.
Here are some tidbits-
  • Jay is still not feeling 100%, which means I am now his personal chauffeur. I have been saying that I wanted to take a road trip. Its mostly for the time we get to sit in the car next to each other and visit. Now I get to do that every morning and night!
  • I made dinner for my family last night. And it felt like a big deal! We have been well fed this last week, through the generosity of others.
  • I am so thankful for cold cereal along with our fruit smoothies in the mornings. I think I will try and start making breakfast for the fam again tomorrow.
  • I started waking up early again to get on the treadmill after the 2 week break. It is so hard to get back on after such a long break. The first week I missed it. My legs ached from not running. Then this last week I could not imagine getting up to do it. Now I am back on.
  • I have been thinking so much these last two weeks about my attitude. Whenever I start to think "I can't do it" I have been changing the words to "I can do hard things." This morning during our morning devotional Jack shared some thoughts on positive attitudes as part of a requirement for cub scouts. I loved his thoughts. I learn so much from these kids!
  • I am forming my gratitude list and am ready to start sharing my blessing a day like last year. I so wish that I would have started posting these 10 days ago!
  • I have missed blogging. The stories that I have not told, or the photographs not shared are nagging me to let them out.
  • I want to get my carpets cleaned.
  • I managed to get Halloween into the garage and Thanksgiving things into the house. How long do you think it will take before Halloween gets boxed and put back in the attic?
  • Two of my children are helping to stretch my capabilities as a mother. Another one I just want to eat up, he is so yummy. And the other one is plugging along as usual.
  • I am fully aware of all the typos in the last few posts. I have been tired! I went back and changed a few, and then left a few. Why did I not just fix them all? Good question.
  • Enough random tidbits.
  • This is my 500th post! Crazy!!
  • Edited! Wrong- it is the 410th post. I am sure when I looked it said 500- but I thought that number was kind of high. Now when I look it says 410- Anyone know how to put slash marks through what you are writing? Does it take a special talent? I see others doing it but can't figure it out.

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