Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Novembers What to Eat Wednesday explanation

Our family has received so much food, love and service this last week.
Let me just recap what the last week and a half has been like.
I was sick, my Nana's health took a turn for the worse and I spent time with her and my family, Nana passed away. We had Halloween. A busy Saturday of trying to get caught up. I helped care for and prepare Nana's body for her burial. Jay had an early morning ER visit, I attended my Nana's funeral, I took Jay back to the Dr and he was admitted to the hospital and prepped for surgery. Many loads of laundry to catch up on.
Life has definitely been lived this last week.
We have been so thankful for all the food. Every little bit has helped. It has been great to not have to think at dinner time, what are we go going to eat? So delicious too.
So I decided that I would share all the yummy food with you this month.
I will share the recipes (no photos-so sorry!)
So many of these recipes are ones that you will want to remember for when you need to take a meal to someone. Yummy and easy!

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Kim Sue said...

what a way to look at a week that could have brought everyone to their knees...I'm glad you have helping hands all around. I look forward to hearing all the wonderful recipes.