Monday, November 17, 2008

Playlist of my life

I will always connect these songs to the unifying time spent with my Mom, sisters Jennifer and Janelle and Nana as we sung around Nana's bed and held her hands. Some of our singing was silly and a little irreverent, and some were sung beautifully. These were some of the songs from Nana's book, and some that I remember her singing. This night was as much for her as it was for us girls with our mothers.


your mom said...

It was really a "moment in time" and I will always cherish that we could spend that time together.
We were so blessed to have had all the circumstances just right that allowed us this beautiful experience. I truely felt my daughters love and support...and I was so grateful that you wanted to be there for me as we said goodbye to nana.
So many laughs and tears...and we had candy too¡

Anonymous said...

Don't forget all the folding!
And the Pepper!!
I am so glad we have such a wonderful memory, all the sisters and our mother, no fighting, no biting, and no name calling. Just singing, folding, laughing.
I love you,