Monday, December 1, 2008

Blessing a day 20-2008

I am so thankful that it is the beginning of the Christmas season. I love celebrating Christs birth. The music, the light. The joy.
I am thankful that last night we set up the kids trees. I am thankful for being able to sit and watch each one decorate their own. And how they wanted it. Or did not want it- (Tucker did not want his ornaments on the tree-in the end they were around the base of the tree!) I am thankful that I got to be there. And, I am thankful to have heard Tucker this morning rediscover the trees, and see the ones we had set up down stairs. And how cute he was showing his Dad- like that he was showing him the biggest discovery ever made!

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Kim Sue said...

Love all your trees...I love to sit down and just watch my daughter hang her ornaments. It makes smile all over :o)