Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jack- Birthday Party

Jack ended up having a friend party the day before his birthday. We had the "surprise" party for him this summer so we decided that we would just have a few friends over for pizza and a movie. Well the number just kept growing, and the next thing I knew we were having a party!
I crossed out the movie idea pretty quick- and traded in for some easy party games. I was not sure how all the boys would react to them. But they were pretty entertained and all seemed to have a great time. And the one that counted the most had a great time!

We played the blind drawing game. Everyone closed their eyes, and I told them what to draw. We started off with a snowman. We played 4 of 5 rounds of this. The boys did not tire of this quickly!

Then we had donut eating. That was a fun one- it was funny to see how each boy approached his donut!
Next up was the shower-cap cotton ball game. We put a shower cap on each boy, then put tape on top of the caps. The boys then had to see how many cotton-balls they could pick up.

A very funny game- the boys heads ended up getting stuck together.

Then we had pizza and root beer. The boys ate fast then all went into the backyard until their parents came.
I had been nervous of how entertained the boys would be by the games. And how competitive it would be. I was so surprised! The boys just went right along with whatever we said we were going to do. They were fine to not have "winners"- it was fine to just play. I even forgot to hand out prizes that I was going to give to the "winning teams!
Wheeee- another party survived!


Kim Sue said...

it's nice to see a group of "big" boys having simple fun together!

jarrleckie said...

What great games! I'll have to store those in my memory for later!

Jenn said...

great party games - way to go, Mom! looks like tons of fun! parties at the house - gee, how bizarre. :)

Fowler family said...

What fun ideas! We love birthday parties. I thnk that blind drawing game sounds like so much fun (I think I'd even enjoy it as an adult!)