Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jack's 9th- Birthday

After the friend party we pulled out one of Jack's presents- It was a tank- Tucker was so cute. He kept yelling snake, snake. The tank looked just like the one that Jack had brought home from school with the class pet snake. But we quickly told Jack that it was not for a pet snake, but for a LIZARD! We loaded everyone up to head to the pet store to look at the Lizards.
looking at the lizards
We ended up deciding to wait and get a lizard on Monday.
Jack woke up bright and early Sunday morning to check out his birthday decor and get started for the day!

sign from Savanna

Jack had fun opening his gifts from the family. He had a smile on his face the entire morning.
He was especially excited to get this new sketch book as a gift!
He smiled all morning long, and was so so grateful! Jack is usually not one to smile for photos- but everyone I took of him on his birthday there was a smile on his face!

Jack had his favorite breakfast of pancakes then went to church-
He came home and had family over to celebrate with him for a yummy Reuben sandwich lunch and his favorite traditional birthday ice cream cake roll. He was smiles all afternoon!
Jack even remembered to give me flowers! He drew a beautiful picture of a potted plant, flower in a vase, and a hanging basket!
Monday after Dad got home from work, they went to get the lizard. It is now in Jack's room next to his bed. ALL the kids love to go in and sit and watch it. It gets really quiet when they are just sitting watching, waiting for it to do something! Now Jack can say he has his own pet!

Happy Birthday!
We are so lucky you are our boy! You have a gift of being able to tell the most amazing stories.
When you were 3 you were retelling a story to a man and he looked at me with amazement and said "that boy has a mind of a steel trap!" Little did I know that would continue on. Six years after that man made that comment you wrote a report. You filled in every part that you could. You did not want to leave any detail out. You wanted more paper so that you could keep writing. When you got the paper back you had gotten a good grade, but the teacher asked for next time to "not give so many details." It made us laugh because how many 9 year old boys have to be told to not write as much? Usually they would be asked if they could add anything else to tell about the story.
You are so honest- we love that. You are developing your own ideas, and likes and dislikes. You
are learning to take care of your own problems and who you need to talk to.
We love your drawings and your stories. You have a wonderful mind and imagination! Your brothers draw things that they see you drawing.
Thank you for being who you are. You are a blessing. Sandwiched in between your only sister, and a very demanding little brother, and then another brother you are a middle child. We worry about you getting left out. About not hearing you. We are constantly watching for that.

You have such an easy- going, sharing, giving personality. When I was pregnant with you a lady asked me when you were going to be born. I told her sometime in December. And she said how sad that you had to share your birthday with Christmas and that you would be sad someday. My how you have proved that wrong. You feel it is special to get to share your birthday in the same month that we celebrate the Saviors birth.
Thank you for being you. We love you!
Mom & Dad


shara said...

We all love Jack!

Kim Sue said...

super sweet post! he will treasure having that documented one day.