Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blitzen Boogie

I don't know where your kids take dance lessons, but I am thinking that I need to contact Santa for some lessons for my kids. He must really train those reindeer!

I knew that Jack had a dancing part as a reindeer for the 3rd grade Carols and Cookies-and when I asked if we needed to practice anything he assured me he was "just fine." So I think, that I thought he had a tiny dance. Not an entire song. WOW! I was laughing so hard. A lady that had been at Savanna's end of year program and that was here tonight commented "at Savanna's program you were crying tears of joy for how beautiful she sounded, and tonight you were crying from laughing so hard."
It was so fun to see Jack do something like that, and have fun doing it.

The next day he got to do it again in front of the whole school. I just happened to be there at the time and got more video and still photos. Every time we watch it I laugh. It just gets funnier and funnier!
As Jack walked out of the gym one of the little pre-K boys said to his teacher-"why was that boy dressed like a skunk?"

I am so very thankful for this woman. This is the kids music teacher.

Jack with Mrs. Adams after 3rd grade Carols and Cookies
She puts so much into teaching kids about music and to love music.
Our kids have always loved music, and I am so thankful that they get to have it in school. That it is still a part of their weekly "specials."
I am thankful that our kids have gotten to participate in so many performances. And tonight is one performance that I will not soon forget!


shara said...

Missy and I are sitting at the table, laughing our heads off!! Oh my goodness!!!! I am smiling so much it hurts. Missy just told me to tell Jack (you'll pass on the message?) that he is "adorable!" Can I call him "Bro Boogie" or should it be "Bro Blitzen"?

Iris said...

Hey you,
Thanks for sharing that incredible video! My cheeks hurt from smiling!
We would love to see you in May!
We have plenty of room if you need a place to stay. Let me know. We will plan on seeing you then. How is OK?

Jenn said...

Those look like Jay's moves, I'm bettin'! :)

Kristie said...

I had forgotten how funny that was. :)