Sunday, January 18, 2009

creatures of habit

Our church building is starting a renovation project that is big enough, and apparently messy enough to be uninhabitable for some time. So we now are going to another building. That we have to drive about 20 minutes to get to.
And our time changed to 2-5. I think I may really like going to church in the afternoon. I was not sure at first. But I am a night person. I am a very very slow mover in the morning. And having church at 2 really fits a night person. I can move slow in the morning. I can get ready at my leisure.
Jay on the other hand goes earlier than we do. The ward that he attends meets at 10. And their meetings prior to church start at 8. And they are meeting in a school. Whenever I start to feel sorry for myself for having to drive farther or think about getting out so late- I think "well it could be worse, I could be meeting at the school."

We were having a chuckle today about what creatures of habit we are. Even at a different building, with a different shaped chapel people still sat in "their spot."
Jay said the same thing. Sitting in chairs in the cafeteria of the school and people were still sitting in "their spot."

Where do you sit? Same place every Sunday?


Rebecca said...

We tend to move around a just depends where the girls pick. I try to stay where Lon can see us from the stand...but I don't know why--he NEVER looks at us or sees when all heck is breaking loose! : )

Kim Sue said...

same area, almost the same pew each time

shara said...

Perhaps if we made it on time, MAYBE we would sit in the same spot... dunno for sure. Kayte and I sat in a very different spot for Sunday School. It was actually kinda nice.

I think I am going to enjoy trying different spots in this new building!

Meghan said...

We always try to sit in the same spot. Mostly we just prefer to sit on one of the small side benches. Whichever one is open is what we take. Our cousins always sit in the same spot, so it is necessary for reverence sake to sit on the opposite side of the chapel.

vgsmom said...

We sit in the same general area. I like to tell myself it will be easier for me to tell who is visiting if I stay in the same vicintiy from week to week. I'm sure it had nothing to do with my control issues at all.

Allison said...

Well, since we tend to run late, we take whatever spot we can find! Usually, the same spots are empty, but they get filled up as late-comers straggle in, so the regularity of where we sit depends on how late we really are!

Kimallsup said...

We walked in and said "is this our spot" and chuckled. We decided we need to sit further back for it to be "our spot" It was weird to have people behind us to see how the kid are. I thought the singing sounded different in the chapel and in rs. (in a good way) and the bishop can't watched us. It felt warm and cozy and i liked it!

Kristie said...

We sit wherever my mom sits since she normally gets there before us and saves us a few seats. But, typically in the same general area.

Funny story -- she puts hymn books on our chairs to save them. A few weeks ago an older couple took the books off the chairs and sat down. My mother was mad! Like there is an entire saving-of-the-seats-in-church-etiquette that had been willfully and maliciously broken. :)

Kristie said...

PS. Stupid question -- is Jay your husband? And if so, why does he attend a different ward? I thought LDS wards were split up according to what district you live in???

vgsmom said...

I know Jay is your husband, but I was also curious why he goes at different time and place than you?

Alisa said...

Not a stupid question Kristi-

Yes, Jay is my husband.

Our congregation (or ward) is based on a geographical location.

All the wards in an area are part of a larger organization called a "stake." There are about 12 wards in our stake. A couple years ago Jay was asked by the stake leadership to be a councilor to represent and attend one of these other wards in the stake.

There is a sacrifice because it means our family does not attend church together. And quite often after sitting through church with our four, I feel like I have been through a wrestling match!

I would love to just go to the ward that Jay attends, but I still have responsibilities in our home ward. Most Sundays Jay finishes his work in the other ward and still comes to be with us in our meetings.
(I always breathe a sigh of relief when I see him walk through the door- the reinforcements have arrived!)

Jay does enjoy representing the stake. He loves to teach and gets the opportunity about once a month to do so. (sometimes we all go with him on those Sundays)

vgsmom said...

Thanks for that answer, that helps me understand it a little better. That's a pretty big sacrafice. I was just whining today because my best friend and her family are changing from our church to another and I thought that was bad.

On your comment to me:
The "childlikeness" was a great comparison. And my Jenna is certainly an example of "free to be me."

Kristie said...

Alisa, that explains it, thanks. I was in a fabulous scrapbooking group in Georgia, several of whose (whom?) members are Mormen. I learned quite a bit about it over the years, which is why my curiosity was piqued that you and your husband would live in the same house but attend different churches. :)

Anonymous said...

I am in the ward that Jay is over. We sure love and appreciate him. Thanks for sharing him with us!

Shelly said...

Same spot each week. Even when we moved to a new ward.