Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Family Word for the year 2009

We have picked out a family word for the year.


It means different things to each family member. For some of the kids, it means- follow through. Getting something out, and putting it away afterward. For me and Jay it means completing projects already started. It also means sticking it out. To the end. Somethings it will take days, weeks months to finish. Other things it might be minutes, or hours. It means giving our all to the end of a task. Or a goal. Something I was so struck with during the Olympics was how much the finish meant. Not giving up even in the slightest at the end. Not stopping until the race was finished. Completely over. When Michael Phelps slapped the wall at the end of each race- he did not just reach out for the end of his fingers to touch the wall- he was finishing with intent!

Last night we talked about an article with the title- Finishers Wanted.

There are 6 marks of a finisher-
1. The Mark of Vision
2. The Mark of Effort
3. The Mark of Faith
4. The Mark of Virtue
5. The Mark of Courage
6. The Mark of Prayer
"These, the marks of a true finisher, will be as a lamp to our feet in the journey through life. Ever beckoning us onward and lifting us upward is he who pleaded, “Come, follow me.” (Luke 18:22.)"

We will continue to talk about our word Finish over this next year. We will talk about the marks of a finisher. And believe me, this is as much for me as the rest of my family!


shara said...

I love that. 'Finish' is a great word. I also thought of a different meaning for the word- 'finish' as to put the final touch on something, taking extra care and attention. I also thought of Mark Phelps. I saw an interview where he was talking about one of his gold medal wins. He and the other swimmer were sooo close. The difference was that he had his wrist straight and fingers forward. The other swimmer had his wrist bent and the fingers up. His finish had finish.

Kim Sue said...

great word! can't wait to hear more about it this year. I'm going to try to be a little better "finisher" in my life as well.

Jenn said...

Great Life Lessons there. Blessings in your vision!

Anonymous said...

I love your word for 2009. That talk has been a favorite of mine for years! We can all be better finishers in so many areas - at least I know I can! Thanks for stopping my blog and saying hi!

Leigh Anne said...

oops sorry - hit publish before I put in my name- don't mean to be anonymous!