Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It is Wednesday!

What to eat Wednesday is back! To celebrate I have new logos!
I shared my talents with somebody and she shared her talents with me. I made something from my what to eat's and she made me cute logos. So from now on when you see this-

you can expect to find a main dish, salad, appetizer, side or any other kind of
breakfast-lunch-or dinner item.
Most others will be announced by this-

Aren't those fun?
Hmm I wonder which one you will see more of?

I answered a few questions here regarding What to Eat Wednesday.
I have a few more questions that I will write about next week- any body else care to ask something? What would you like to see here?


Jenn said...

Love them!! Too cute!

Meghan said...

The logos turned out so cute. I am anxiously awating all the new recipes. I need one for the breakfast casserole please.

shara said...

I told Meghan you had a WONDERFUL Breakfast Casserole. I think she liked the sound of that better than my Bat Tongues recipe! Go figure...

Meghan said...

Once you made yummy beef sandwiches for us. I would love that recipe.