Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mamma Mia #? celebration

Last night I went to a Mamma Mia celebration! (I have now lost track of how many times I have seen it- I can no longer just use my hands to count!)
We were celebrating my sister Jennifer's birthday and had all kinds of yummy treats-
We had this, made with these, and Kim brought this, and this was new to me and even though I slipped and bought sesame seeds instead of poppy seeds, it was delish!

We ate, and ate, and sang
and danced
and laughed
our way through the night.

We had too much fun- we were looking through the photos - Janelle and I laughed so hard. We look like we are in pain!

I learned from this night- that apparently I just can't sing with my eyes open. In an effort to show you the unedited me I offer you this-

You have to know that I sang my heart out, and had a blast.
No matter how silly I looked, or how bad I sounded.

Thanks girls for a great night- lets do it again- same time, same place next month!
Anyone else want to join in?


vgsmom said...

Sounds like a blast!! My favorite running song is "Does your mother know that you're out." Great pics.

Kristie said...

Will you be repeating the Mama Mia theme? Because if so, I **SO** want to join you!!! Loved the show, loved the movie, LOVE the music!!!

Kimallsup said...

thanks for a night full of singing and laughter! I was so full when I came home..... I think I pulled something in my leg too.Thanks for listening to my terrible singing and including me with your family I love them all!

Meghan said...

ohhhhh! I will have to throw my own Mama Mia party!!!

Jenn said...

now that is some kind of passion there, girl!

Jewels & Ry said...

I am sorry I missed it. Tell Jennifer I said "happy birthday!" What fun.

shara said...

How great! Kayte and I have not seen the show, yet. It is on my list and hers as well. Loved ABBA as a kid. "Man After Midnight" was my wishful them back then. HA HA.

Kayte is sitting by me singing "take a Chance on Me".

Love ya! If you do this again, give me a call and we will hop right over

Kim Sue said...

Love it! You guys look like you are having a fabulous time!