Monday, January 5, 2009

a normal every day moment

There was a moment right before Christmas break. Things were busy. But everything seemed so calm. Everyone was doing their own thing, but we were all together. I commented to Jay to take a mental snapshot of this moment. Of the kids ages and what they were busy doing. Next Christmas would not be the same. We only have this moment once.

Jay working and Tucker right along side. His ever constant shadow. Working on his own laptop.

Luke make-believing something with a superhero and some string hanging from the upstairs banister. He kept swinging it back and forth and trying to get it to stick into the wreath in the hall.
Savanna chillin in front of the computer.

Jack playing on the PS2.

I was watching it all, and catching up on ironing before the weekend and Christmas.
I am glad that I captured a moment. A normal every day moment.

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shara said...

I promise I am not stalking you. I am just up and avoiding (procrastinating maybe???) going to sleep.

I love ordinary moments. I remember even as a kid, I would stop and try to remember everything about certain moments- where I was, what I was seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling. Who ws with me, what they were doing. When I was a kid, I wanted to make sure and not forget what it was like. I wanted to make sure that when I was a nasty ol' grown-up, I would remember. Now, it is a bit of peace, usually.
Love you lots, Alisa- and your wonderful family!