Monday, January 5, 2009

spt-comfort-peace-hope last spt for 2008!

We are in the process of selling our computers and I only transferred a handful of photos over to this computer. I was planning on catching up with my SPT's that I missed over the holidays. I know I took one for comfort but I did not transfer it and I can't find the one I did for hope either. But this photo works for all three.
Whenever we have a break in our normal routine its easy for our family to get very relaxed in our schedules. Often we loose track of time, and we let things slide. Especially in the morning.
And with that usually goes our family scripture study.
But this break we (Jay) made a real effort to not let it slip away.
And it helped our family. It unites us at the beginning of the day. It fills us. (even when its hard and we think nobody got a thing out of what we read.)

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shara said...

I like reading scriptures in the morning as a family. It is so hard for us right now w/ Missy in Seminary. Getting up earlier than 5am seems daunting. Any suggestions?