Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today is your birthday shout hooray

What a day to be out of school! School was canceled because of ice. You were disappointed that you had to stay home- you love to go to school so much. But we tried to make the most of today and I think you felt like it was a good birthday- despite not getting to have your day go as planned.
It was so fun to have you come downstairs and see the bike that you wanted. The sweet hug and tender voice saying "mom, how did you find it?" melted me.

You came home a few weeks ago with a cute note you had written with a goal:

I am certain it will be achieved quickly.

You read your new books, and drank hot chocolate.

You played outside in the ice- several times.
You watched Animalia with Savanna and Tucker.
You drew and colored.
You made mom flowers so sweetly.

And thanked me for giving you your birthday.

You got to get out for a bit with Dad and run to the store and Nan's. The whole time, you and Dad kept talking about how great it is to be six.

You came home and were surprised to see your Wall*e cake- and were thrilled that it looked just like wall*e. (well to you anyway)
You looked through your new drawing book with Jack, and matched him in reading, almost reading it faster than he could.

After dinner you made a big wish and successfully blew out the candles on your cake!

We all sat in the family room together and watched your current favorite movie- Wall*e. When it was over we looked down and you were asleep. Ended on a good note for you.

Luke- you certainly add spice to our life.
You are just as sweet as you are spicy.
Several people this weekend commented on how nice it was to see you turning out so sweetly.

You are an incredible reader- It just kind of happened over the summer. We were reading books and you read me something out loud. I did not think that you had really read it. But sure enough you did! We started a reading log, and to date you have read almost 700 books from the library.

You have a BIG imagination- and stay in character for long periods of time.

You love to draw and create.

There are no road blocks for you. If there is something you want to do, then you do it. Nothing stands in your way. If you want to be buzz lightyear and mom says that she is not going to stop what she is doing to make you a costume, then you go make it yourself. With glue. And markers. Or tape. Or staples. On your clothes. Whatever you think will work at the moment.

You have brothers and sisters that love you. Especially Tucker. He looks up to everything you do.
And always has. When I was pregnant with him, he would not move around much unless you were around. Our midwife started having you climb up on the table to talk to my belly when she would check his heart rate. Tucker follows your every move and imitates you.

This weekend we were looking through photos and you saw your baby pictures. You asked what happened to your lip. It was like you did not remember any discussion we have ever had about your lip, or remember seeing any pictures. You have endured a lot in your 6 years. You are tough.

You are dearly loved- I love tucking you in at night and still saying, I am glad you are my boy.
I am glad you still say "I am glad you are my lady."
Happy Birthday!
Forever your lady,


vgsmom said...

How sweet and wonderful. You are creating such wonderful memories and traditons for your children. And they are turning out so well.
God's Grace and Peace to you.

Jewels & Ry said...

Alisa - That is the sweetest post ever. I got teary eyed just reading it. I love the mom you are and the wonderfulness of your kids.

Happy Birthday Luke!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

This is such a heartwarming post. What a lucky boy to have something like this written about him like this.

(His cake is adorable.)

Kim Sue said...

what a wonderful day!

Meghan said...

Are those binoculars on the cake? What a sweet sweet boy. I love that he calls you his "lady." The kids just watched Wall-e last night and were very impressed by the cake.

Jenn said...

Made me cry...I love boys.

Kristie said...

Luke, happy birthday! Tuesday was one of my nephew's birthdays as well .... we had to remind him that missing a birthday at school for a snow day was probably not going to happen again .... what great luck, especially if you like snow days!!

shara said...

We love Luke (as well as the whole clan) at our house.

Happy Birthday, Luke. For such a young guy, you make a difference in my life, in Kayte's and in Missy's.

We are all so very glad you are around and that we get to know you.

Anonymous said...

What a handsome and sweet young man. It sounds like you helped him create some wonderful birthday memories. I want to grow up to be a mom like you!