Thursday, February 5, 2009

do ya wanna scrap?

A couple of bloggers are getting together tomorrow night for a crop- you know to "scrapbook" (isn't that great that I can use that as a verb and a noun?)

Anyone else care to join us? Leave a comment and I will get you the time and place! We'd love to have you, and hope to make this a monthly event!


Kristie said...

Oh. Em. GEE!!! You have no idea how stinking excited I am ..... :)

vgsmom said...

I'm packed up and ready to go. If you're new to scrapbooking this is the crop to start with because I have lots of stuff to share due to a huge bargain find. Join us!!

your mom said...

Alisa we have not talked about this.

Is it at your house? Do I need to have Jay over for movies?...or is he babysitting?

When did you decide to do this and are Kim and Allison coming? What about Julie. I don't need to scrapbook to have a good time if they are coming.

Jewels & Ry said...

I am with you! I can not unleash the monster that is my scrapbook mess right now but I am all about a party! We need to get together - I have been having "Angela Withdrawals". Alisa makes my heart sing, you make my heart laugh. I love you!

Alisa- let me know when & I will bring some chocolate.

Kim Sue said...

you live just a little too far away or I'd be there! hope you have a good group and have lots of fun!

shara said...

I have been w/o the internet for some time now and just read your post. I am so sorry I missed the "cropping"! I was would have enjoyed it.

Is there going to be another one?

M said...

...if I lived closer...I am sure it would be fun...I'd bring the drinks and chocolate...and I have tons paper that I would share...but I am sure I would have to hop a plane...and by now I've probably missed it. Next time?