Wednesday, February 4, 2009

moving on

I have lost
1 cute little red mitten of tucker's that he calls his "huv's" (gloves)
the lid to the ranch dressing
the lid to the juice pitcher
the library bag with all the kids library cards inside
christmas eve photos including the ones where Jay pulls through at the last minute and makes me a table to fit behind the sofa with only the supplies in the garage
our caroling party photos
pages out of our family hymn book- I was playing and I just could not follow the song-hmmm a few missing pages mid-song will throw ya
halloween photos of jack as paul revere and luke as nate the great
my water bottle

I have found
many a miscellaneous tupperware (which Jack calls tuckerware)
a little red hat-anyone?
a red bowl
the lid to the ranch dressing shaker bottle
the lid to the juice pitcher
my water bottle (3 times)
my favorite cereal and I bought the last 3 bags!

I have broke
my butter bell
Lukes favorite toy in the world- his robot Wall-e

I have wasted
1 cucumber
1 package mushrooms
1 head romaine lettuce

I am moving on ...
I am ready to face november february


vgsmom said...

Oh and Kristie must be in the same lost land between "January can't be over! and Are you serious? It's February."

Layne Bushell said...

My butter bell broke too and I was very sad about it. I'm back to a cube of butter still in it's wrapper sittin' on the counter again....

Kristie said...

See, if you had stopped at "I lost" and "I broke" I would have assumed we were the same person. :)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a creative post Alisa! Praytell, what is a butter bell?

Meghan said...

Last week I could not find the top to the ranch dressing after dinner. I searched everywhere for it. The next day, one of the kids found it ON THE FLOOR OF THE CAR! I still have no idea what happened. This list is hilarious.

your mom said...

Remember when we both gave each other the butter bell? I was saddened to hear of yours passing.tenizin

your mom said...

Ok i typed the word verification it asked for and the word ended up at the end of my message. I'll add that one to my "Jay" list.

Jenn said...

I would be in the nut-house right now - I can't stand loosing stuff! Makes me feeling like I am loosing my mind - I should try your "moving on" trick!

Rebecca said...

Alisa--don't feel least all the stuff you've lost is relatively small! I don't know if you remember, but years ago I bought a 3 ft. and a 5 ft. shelf to see which one I liked on my old purple wall (Provo house). I decided on the largest one, put the 3 ft. one in the corner of the girls room and literally NEVER saw it again.
I finally came to believe that my girls must have taken it outside to show some friends and it must have gotten stolen. For months I asked myself...How do you lose a 3 ft. shelf in an 1100 sq ft house??

Kim Sue said...

When I got down to the end and saw november marked out, I cracked up because that's so how I feel sometimes!