Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What to Eat Wednesday- what I want to eat

I love vanilla- and when I found it in cereal I consumed it.
I found a generic brand at Walmart and bought it faithfully.

Last year I received this on my doorstep from a friend for valentine's day- what a fun treat! (it was even the name brand!)

Well imagine my surprise when I could not find it anymore. Not in the name brand. Not in the generic brand. I would look everytime I went shopping. Nope, nada.

So imagine my surprise last month as I did my obligatory look on the cereal aisle to find 3 bags of this

I bought all 3- and now they are all gone. No more. I keep looking on the cereal aisle in hopes of finding them once again. But no.

What do you want to eat, but can't?

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