Friday, December 4, 2009

coffe bean cereal

When we lived in Oregon, Jay had a later work schedule. We are not coffee drinkers, but a few times we would go to one of the many coffee shops for hot chocolate or steamer before Jay went to work. Usually Savanna had already gone to school. Our kids have always looked out for one another, but Jack took it to extremes. (in such a loving brotherly way!) If we would do anything without Savanna, he would want to take something back to her. A napkin, a straw, some kind of a memento from our outing.

One day after a coffee shop visit we picked up Savanna and I could hear Jack in the back telling her he had something for her. At the same time a waft of strong coffee odor pushed to the front seat, as a wale and gagging sounds were heard from the back.

I instantly knew what Jack had given Savanna. Coffee beans. Coffee beans probably picked up from the self serve counter.

I turned around to see Savanna spitting out the chewed coffee beans as she announced rather firmly, "Jack, this is not cereal!"

The poor boy thought the coffee beans were puffed wheat cereal!

Right before Easter last year I had all the kids at the store and Jack cracked up remembering the story. Savanna? Not so much.

Now every time I pass by the self serve bean containers anywhere it reminds me of little kids, in rainy Oregon, smelling like coffee.


hillary said...

Forget about the funny coffee cereal story. I can't believe those kids were that small when I was your neighbor- smaller even because you moved BEFORE Luke was born. (Which was fairly rude if you ask me)

Amy said...

That is so funny! And that last picture is so cute! Happy pile o' kids. ;)