Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's Christmas-

Yesterday was our Church nativity exhibit. Once again- I failed to invite others. I was so caught up in my own families events and comings and goings that I did not ask anyone else to come. I felt a little like I did after hearing The Mormon Tabernacle Choir- and wished that I would have invited every single person I know. (so be warned- next year- everyone I know will get a personal invite!)

I love attending this. It helps me to receive the Christmas spirit. It keeps me focused in the right direction. I love seeing my kids enjoy it.

I loved Tucker's enthusiasm about every nativity. I loved how he "got" what it was all about. We started watching a short video of the Nativity and Tucker exclaimed "It's baby Jesus! Not baby Moses, but baby Jesus Christ!"

I loved how enthusiastic Luke and Savanna were to find our Nativity's and how excited they were when they were found.

I love how excited Luke was to help clean up once the Nativity exhibit was over. I love how he begged to stay to help. I am thankful for Julie letting him stay with her and teaching him lessons about service. I love that she encouraged his desire to help.

I love Tucker's and Luke's excitement of having our nativity's home. I love how the boys got theirs all set up before bed last night. I love that they started playing with them this morning.

I love how after watching the 4 short movies about Christmas that our kids are putting on their own "Nativity." With each one playing their own specific part full of their on theatrics and drama. I sincerely hope that the arguing that takes place between the four of them will not totally diminish the spirit or their intent.

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