Friday, April 10, 2009


You would think that I would have something very Easter related to share this Easter weekend.
Maybe later this weekend but not today.

The kids were out of school. So you know what we did? We went shopping.
Made it through a long shopping day with these four-
(had to snap a photo of them by the coffee- a very funny story will be told soon about how Jack remembered something he did to Savanna when they were both little relating to coffee)

Bought every last one of the Vlasic pepper rings (mild) not because they were on any kind of sale, because they weren't. It was because our family LOVES them- and we have not been able to buy them. All the store had for about 3 months was hot- we tried it- could not stand it. When I saw them today I stocked up. So now we should be good- when the kids saw them they were squealing with glee and eagerly helped me load them into the cart. I was a little nervous when Tucker chucked one into the cart-I might have had a hard time being patient if it had broken and I had been left with pepper juice in my purse, and the lose of one jar of peppers.

Had an activity for the girls age 8-11 from church today. My neighbor across the street teaches nutrition and health classes and came to share with us. We learned about reading labels, and specifically how much sugar is in the stuff we consume. Like how many teaspoons of sugar are in a soda, or a granola bar, or yogurt. And we compared brands of peanut butter then mixed together what would have been in each brand of PB. Let me tell ya, there was one that did not look very attractive just by looking at the ingredients. Pretty alarming really- 

Then we headed to the mall for feet measuring, tie and sock buying, and shoe 
trying-on-but-no-buying. I would have pictures but Savanna recently told me she thinks its rude to take photos of them when they are sad. 

I had told the kids that we would end the day with dinner and a movie at home. And I wondered what my kids thought about our little nutrition class. If I just negated anything that they learned. Because after we finished our shopping tonight we headed to Arby's for soda and sandwiches.  

I am going to wait to ask them what they thought.
And I will not ask them until we have consumed all of the Easter candy.

Surely we laughed off some of the sugar watching "Bedtime Stories"- I can't wait to hear how the kids start quoting that movie.
"For me? For free?"


Holly said...

We just saw Bedtime stories here - I haven't laughed so hard in a movie in a while! The peppers in your purse would have been one for the history books! So glad the glass didn't break!

Kristie said...

I am amazed you take all four kids grocery shopping -- unless its a quick dash to pick up just a few things, I am too impatient to have them with me. Even when they were little and I didn't have the liberty of doing it during the school day, I would do it on weekends, or weeknights, or even make Blaine come home from work a few hours early! You are a MUCH braver woman than I am!! :)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh, Alisa, I just loved this post and reading about your day. I loved all the little details. What a great idea to take a picture of kids in a grocery store. I'm telling you, before blogging it never occurred to me to take routine pictures like that and now I wish I had some.

April said...

We spent several hours shopping on Friday. It was totally exhausting!! (why is it so absolutely draining to take all 4 shopping? I thought it would get better as they got older.) Lucky for us, we found all the shoes we needed at Kohl's and they were all on sale! I couldn't believe it. We ended our day at Taco Bell.
Good luck in your shoe shopping! Perhaps you should try Kohls. :)