Sunday, July 26, 2009

Why I will look forward to Sunday's

After Jay and I were first married and we had moved to Utah, I was asked to help with the children's music on Sunday's in Primary. Primary is the organization in our church for kids ages 3-12. 
I was terrified. I cried every Sunday. I was always so so nervous. I would get up and quietly whisper what we were going to sing, and then timidly wave my arm, and try and get my voice above a squeak. I stood very still hoping that I would not be noticed.
Finally after a few weeks of this, the Primary president pulled me aside and said. "Alisa, you just need to smile, and the kids will smile back." I had been feeling so intimidated that I could not even look the kids in the eye and smile. Her comment kind of shook me out of my dreary state and I started to smile, and wouldn't you know I started to enjoy what I was doing. I was still nervous but I could get through a Sunday without crying. Then we decided to move. My last Sunday came and  I was saying goodbye and one of the kids came up with the most worried expression and said "but who will sing with us now?" It knocked me down! I felt like I had finally gotten comfortable in my calling- and now I was leaving. It was all over.
I hoped for the opportunity to do it again someday. In our church there are not paid positions. So it was not like I was going to go apply for the job. I tried to apply the same idea of smiling and just doing what needed to be done to other things I was asked to do. But I hoped, and hoped that I would get to do it again.

I was asked a couple of months ago to sub for our primary music leader. I did it for 2 Sundays and LOVED it. I could hardly wait to get to church to sing with these kids. I hinted loudly to anyone who would listen that I would love to do this if they ever needed help again.

Well I get my 2nd chance! I was asked to be the music leader.

One would think that I would not have any worries after having done it before, and wanting to do it so badly again. But I did get just a tiny bit nervous. I started thinking about how I really don't know how to lead music. And how would I come up with ways to keep the kids interested. I started having doubts.
As I was reading over the music book and some other information I came across this and I think it is what qualifies me to be able to do this: 

"You do not need to be a skilled musician to use music in your teaching. If you are well prepared and you enjoy singing, the children will enjoy and learn from the music you use."

I am not skilled, but I can prepare, and I do love to sing. I just have to remember to smile.
I am so excited!


Lene said...

And your Primary kids will be so lucky to have you.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What great advice, Alisa, to just smile! What a smart president to pass that on.

I love music leading, too. It was my first adult calling and I'm a terrible singer, really terrible, but enthusiasm covers it up to the kids.

Patricia said...

Nate is our primary chorister. He just laughed when they asked him. He did not know how to lead. I quickly taught him. He brings the spirit so fast and shares his testimony often. Many weeks people are in tears. They have learned and will continue to learn so much from him.
You will do awesome. Have fun!

Kimallsup said...

You got great feedback at my house.... the kids all loved you!

Kristie said...

I suppose if I closed my eyes and pretended I was doing karoke in a bar, I could do it. :)

vgsmom said...

Makes me want to be a Primary again so I could come sing with you.

Reg said...

Primary needs someone like you!Have fun!

Jennifer said...

Oh what fun! I loved being the primary chorister for our ward and miss my kids so much. I especially loved it when they would come up to me in the store and say hi or tell their mom to look because that was their music teacher.

Keep smiling, follow the spirit, share your testimony, and the rest will follow.