Friday, July 24, 2009

Its safe for us to return home

We made it home from our road trip to Texas this afternoon. While I was busying myself with whatever it is we do after a road trip, Luke was busy with his Wall-e things. He had watched Wall-e on the way home in anticipation of getting to play with his Wall-e that Jay had fixed while we were gone. He got right to work with it and I think that it got his mind thinking of all of his other Wall-e things. He was looking for his books, and his action figures and his sticker books. He headed outside with that intent look on his face. He came back in, then went back outside. Then came back in, then went back outside. I just happened to walk past during one of his in and outs and noticed he was carrying a shoe.

Filled with dirt.

And a plant.

Then I sort of remembered him asking me if he could have a plant. And I remember telling him that I did not have any extra plants, but that we could get him one.

Well Luke is never one to let something stand in his way. If he wants something then he figures out a way to do it. I guess he went in the backyard and found a plant, dug it up and filled a shoe with dirt and put it in.

I suggested we switch shoes to an "older" shoe.

I was trying to explain that the blue pair was a "nicer" pair of shoes, and that the red ones would be better and then stopped trying to explain. Because really, does a 6 year old boy have a nice pair of shoes? And does he care?

I love that boy.
I love Wall-e.
I love that imagination.
I needed this tonight for our "re-entry" home.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Ahhh, aren't you glad for blogs so that you saved that story along with pictures for "someday"?

I liked your line "does a six year old have a nice pair of shoes anyway?" So true.

Lene said...

What a sweetie!
So glad it is safe for you to return home, even if it is hard to come back from a get-away.

Kim Sue said...

this just makes me :o)